I Believe In Yesterday

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I’ve spent the majority of my life expressing my thoughts on the internet. My early teen years were spent making friends and all-caps hyperbolic statements about boy bands on a now-defunct music message board called LiveDaily. In early 2004 I started my first blog (as you may or may not -probably not- have read in my “About Me” page, at the request of my high school crush) on a now-defunct site called Xanga.

I’m just now beginning to realize the impact that decision had on my life. Xanga is where I nurtured my love of writing, where I found my writing voice, where I learned the value of an online friendship. 2014 marked the 10th anniversary of my blogging pursuit and I thought a walk down memory lane was in order. Unfortunately Xanga folded in 2013 but I was fortunate enough to have an archive of my works saved on my computer.

What you’ll find here is my official origin story; I spent the early part of this year combing through my archive and while posts are presented unchanged (with updated links when necessary), nonessential posts have been deleted. Trust me, before I discovered the fine art of TV analysis (thank you, Arrested Development!) most of my blog posts were glorified diary entries, filled with inside jokes and way too many exclamation points. Even with my chosen exclusions, close to 150 posts remain. And because I’m me, they’ve of course been meticulously categorized and tagged (viewable by clicking on the sub-menu on the site’s banner) – including a potentially embarrassing, probably egotistical “Classic Posts” label. (I guess I figure if I’m going to embarrass myself by putting these out there, I might as well go all out!)

The task of reading and curating my old works has been an emotions buffet: nostalgia, embarrassment, delight, wistfulness, accomplishment, pride, inspiration. Mainly, the process reminded me just how much I love writing – so much so that I’ve started a new new blog (my 2010 move from Xanga to Blogspot did not inspire the results I’d hoped) by importing my recent Blogspot entries to a new WordPress home (http://talentedwithreason.wordpress.com).

Hopefully I’ll be maintaining a consistent presence there and of course, I can always be found over-sharing in 140-character bursts on Twitter, through movie reviews on Letterboxd or through GIFs on Tumblr. The internet has long been my shoulder to cry on (usually about TV). Here’s how we got to know each other…


Quips, Quibbles and Witticisms Courtesy of the 2009 Emmy Nominations

Well kids, the Emmys are upon us again and I am arguably more excited for this year’s show than I’ve been. (And if you know me at all, you know that Emmy night is notoriously Superbowl-esque at my house, so topping my usual excitement is no easy task.) Obviously, one of the main reasons for my excitement is the delightful man pictured above. Assigned to cleanse our collective palette after last year’s hosting catastrophe (5 times the hosts, 5 times the fail), is the one and only Neil Patrick Harris. And if his previous hosting gigs are any indication, (just this year he’s emceed both the Tony Awards and the TV Land Awards) he is more than up to the challenge.

As far as the nominees go, the situation is generally more of the same (30 Rock once again leads the comedy nominees with a staggering 22 -the most nominations ever for a Comedy series in a single year, breaking a record they set with last year’s 17 nominations- and Mad Men leads the Drama pack again, with 16 noms), except the inclusion of a sixth nominee slot in the major categories (and somehow, a few ties resulting in 7 nominees) has allowed for some long overdue shows to finally got a nod. How does the phrase “the Emmy nominated series, How I Met Your Mother” strike you? (I injured myself jumping up and down when the nomination was announced, I was so happy.) Yes, there were still some heartbreaking oversights (Someday, January Jones, I promise you! Rhys Darby, you are not unloved! RIP PUSHING DAISIES) but the happy far outweighs the sad.
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Mid-Year Movie Musings

Happy July 18th kids! Around here, July 18 means it’s time for my mid-year movie review!

It seems as the years go on, my movie attendance keeps increasing. Last year I was bragging that I had seen 11 new films and made 16 trips to the movies but that I had yet to be blown away by any of the movies I’d seen. This year is a different story by far. I have made 20 trips to a theatre (21 if you include my annual “Can’t Stop the Serenity shenanigans), have seen 14 different movies and have been awesomed by quite a few of them.
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Top TV of 2008

Presented without comment (because it’s much too late already and if you got me started on ANY of those shows it’ll be another 7 months before this goes up) but if you’ve talked to me at ALL in the past year, these choices won’t be a shock.

Crystal’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2008

1. Pushing Daisies
2. Mad Men
3. 30 Rock
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. The Office
6. Weeds
7. Saturday Night Live
8. House
9. Gossip Girl
10. Chuck

Crystal’s Best of 2008: The Movies

Ah, July 2009. Feeling nostalgic for 2008 already, you say? Fantastic! I always knew my procrastination was for the greater good!

2008: The Year in Movies (as far as I saw, anyways)
I had to recount this tally several times to make sure, but it’s official: I officially broke my 2005 record for trips to the movies in one year! -canned applause- Evidently, in 2008 I saw 24 new films and thanks to my ridiculous habits (I totally needed to see Pineapple Express 4 times. You understand.), I made a whopping (for me) 31 trips to my local theatres. Because of my movie-going overindulgence (and also because I’ve missed hearing the sound of my own typing) I’ve added a few more categories to my wrap-up than usual. (How exciting?)
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